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French english-speaking professional wedding celebrant & classical crossover singer

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French english-speaking professional wedding celebrant & classical crossover singer: a touch of french elegance for your wedding ceremony, elopement or vow renewal in France, Provence, Lubéron, south Eastern France, French riviera, Paris & abroad

Ariane Douguet will create & celebrate the wedding ceremony you always dreamed about: her voice and songs will be the thread, revealing all the beauty, joy and grace of your ceremony, a rare, exclusive & highest level service, designed to “enchant” your union.

Your ceremony will remain a unique and unforgettable moment, one of the most beautiful memories of your wedding in France forever graven on the memories of your family and your guests !


SONG REPERTOIRE : Ave Maria, opera highlights, baroque, romantic, sacred classical music,  spirituals, gospel, Jazz, musical theatre, movie songs, modern popular favorites, classical crossover and pop music…

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The course of life

A piano player from the age of seven, I pursued a classical curriculum at school and university (Latin and ancient Greek) and then went on to study finance, for an accounting diploma, and opera singing. I already had five years of professional experience behind me as a chartered accountant and auditor, and significant experience as a semi-professional classical crossover singer when, 15 years ago, I decided to become a professional solo classical crossover singer. In my career, I have sung on the major national classical stages (operas, theaters), in the most beautiful cathedrals, as well as at the more popular Olympia in Paris with Chico and the Gypsies! I am an atypical classical crossover singer since I am open to crossover and musical styles other than classical music: my repertoire breaks down the frontiers between musical genres and I like to sing opera just as I like to sing an Ave Maria, a gospel song, jazz, film music or a hit by Adèle. I use my voice differently according to the musical style.

For centuries past, everywhere in the world, singing has been a key part of sacred traditions and rituals. Having been made aware of spirituality, of the meaning of the sacred and of the power of symbols, it is my intention to celebrate love and life. The treasure of humanity's cultural heritage is for me an infinite source of inspiration.

For over 10 years, as a professional wedding celebrant and classical crossover singer, I have officiated at numerous weddings. I have helped many happy couples in love to create a personalized ceremony, both authentic and memorable and arrange music that is unique, personal and glamorizes their wedding.

I celebrate with my speaking and singing voice, since singing is for me the most obvious way to bring you light, love, joy, consolation, to bring out emotion and to 'enchant' a celebration.


I invite you to experience a secular marriage ceremony full of emotion and meaning, in accordance with the sacred significance of this day, tinged with solemnity, spirituality, magic and elegance , where the atmosphere, the words and the music will reflect your love, your values and your commitment.

Music has the capacity to suspend time and allow love, emotion and joy to predominate in the atmosphere you want to create. With the exception of your vows, music is the best way to say what is in your heart and finding the right performer to convey this message is equally important! I'm both a professional certified wedding celebrant and a confirmed classical singer: I will celebrate your wedding & both sing your favorite Ave Maria, opera arias or pop songs live.

Whatever the form of celebration you have in mind (wedding, elopement, renewal of your vows) and the style of your wedding (intimate or public, traditional or more creative, simple or sophisticated), I allow you to experience the ceremony of your dreams in accordance with your values, beliefs and sensitivities.

Why choose a celebrant singer to perform at your wedding? Live singing is a special treat for you and your guests. It helps make your service more personal, memorable and romantic. Music is said to be the universal language of mankind and wedding singing presents the opportunity

  • to bring all your guests together to capture the moment
  • to make your wedding unique and distinctive
  • to include songs and lyrics that are meaningful to you
  • to add character or spirituality to the ceremony and create a special memory
  • as a surprise gift to your guests
  • to create a sense of occasion and an atmosphere of celebration

Experience and training

For over 10 years, as a professional wedding celebrant and classical crossover singer, I have been accompanying marriage ceremonies, baptisms and funerals with my singing. I became the official singer for secular ceremonies following the request of a wedding planner friend and then did the training to be certified as a secular celebrant certification at the International Wedding Institute. From my very first ceremony, I felt in my place. It was a real coup de foudre, or love at first sight, as it were, for the secular ceremony.

I am fascinated by human behavior and human culture. I like the authenticity, sincerity and emotional proximity which this profession brings forth. I am happy to be your confidant and your accomplice and bring you satisfaction in helping to make this magic moment materialize.

Each ceremony is a source of enrichment and also confirmation that being a singer and marriage celebrant is part of my life's mission. I will engage my creativity, my sense of the sacred and of rites, my joy of living or joie de vivre, my appetite for writing and my other talents to serve you in order to make your wedding unforgettable.


French, English

Assistance in the preparation of the ceremony

Whether celebrating a first marriage, renewing your vows, a re-union of a divorced couple and whether you are a same sex couple or are of different cultural or religious backgrounds, I would be happy to preside over your nuptials.

Whatever your beliefs, your cultural origins, your religious, spiritual or philosophical convictions, you have the choice to experience, without any discrimination, a marriage ceremony which is 100% customized to your image.

Your relationship and history are unique and together we will create a ceremony that best reflects your image; very simple or ultra-sophisticated, or something in between, sealed in romance and love, in a location of your choice : in nature, on a beach by the sea, in a woodland, in a clearing in the forest, on a mountain, in a vineyard, in a chapel or temps, on a boat, in a garden next to your reception, in one of the many magnificent castles, parks and outlooks that our country provides.

Imagine the place that best corresponds to you: I conceive & make your personalized ceremony possible, with you and for you.

Everything is done to simplify your life in 3 stages:

1. GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER (playful questionnaires, meeting, Skype sessions, email): in order to create, to write, to orchestrate, to stage and to celebrate your ceremony in your image by adapting it to the framework you have chosen.

2. COLLABORATION: I’ll send questionnaires to fill out & my song repertoire so we can both as a team create the most perfect ceremony. On the basis of an interactive coaching session which will allow you to relive the memories of how you both met and the story of your couple, I will guide you and will help to free your creativity in order to give shape to your dream event. I will help you to create a tailor-made secular ceremony that fits you 100% with the ideal scenario and rituals (handfasting, unity candle...), readings and poems meaningful to you, testimonies and participation from relatives and a musical program. At any stage of the process, I am contactable at anytime as your Wedding Celebrant in France to help you or answer any questions you may have about the ceremony.

3. D-DAY: I will coordonate directly with the venue and the various participants in the ceremony to discuss logistical arrangements, plan the rehearsal in order to free you from these material aspects, allowing you to fully experience your event and make the best of the presence of your nearest and dearest. I will then stand by your side to sing and celebrate your love.

Writing texts

2 options:

♪ TURNKEY CEREMONY duration 35 minutes including 2 rituals (unity candle & olive tree loving cup of wine), 3 songs, a gift certificate

♪ PERSONALIZED CEREMONY with unlimited number of songs

Proposition of readings and music

As a professional singer, I will perform the songs you will choose from my huge repertoire (Ave Maria, baroque, romantic, sacred classical music, opera, spirituals, gospel, Jazz, musical theatre, movie songs, modern popular favorites, classical crossover & pop music...)

Accompaniment options: a capella, orchestral sound track or other instruments as you choose (string quartet, piano, harp, jazz band…). I have a special relationship with a number of musicians known for their talent, their professionalism, their sensitivity and their team spirit, which are indispensable to create a quality event in a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

I provide a PA system in case of outside performance.

Additional Services

At the conclusion of the ceremony, I offer the couple their Marriage Certificate (no legal value).

Key points

I have the talents and competencies to offer a customized service from A to Z to meet your expectations :

  • Experience, professionalism, numerous references
  • My voice, my singing, my varied repertoire and good elocution
  • An interest in human contact, the capacity to engage in a privileged relationship with my clients
  • Strong listening skills, empathy, a taste for sharing
  • Good writing skills
  • Good organisation skills
  • Creativity & a strong artistic and aesthetic flair for creating a performance / set design
  • Enthusiasm, joie de vivre, a good sense of humor
  • Natural charisma
  • Ability to deal with stress, adaptability and apacity to manage the unexpected

What will you wear at the ceremony?: an elegant long dress appropriate for the occassion. I always make every effort to co-ordinate as best I can to your bridal colours and styles, so tell me what colours your bridesmaids are wearing, what flowers you will carry, and the theme of your wedding, so I can fit in as best I can. If you are working to a very specific theme for your wedding, I will even be happy to consider alternative options to meet your requirements.

Proposed services

Celebration and writing texts, Celebration of the ceremony (without writing texts), Drafting only texts, Relations with providers, Ceremonial coordination, Musical animation of the ceremony, Other

Materials included in the service

Lectern, Symbolic Certificate, Sound Reinforcement, Other

Pricing method

For each ceremony I will give you a customized estimate.

Transport & accommodation costs will be invoiced according to distance.

The choice & number of musicians will also affect the estimate.

The services are engaged with a french contract. A 50% deposit is payable upon signature securing the booking & the remainig sum is due at the latest, the day of the ceremony with delivery of the bill.

Please keep in mind that the ceremony is a small percentage of your overall wedding budget, for a moment that is essential to the event !

Types of ceremonies

Homosexual ceremonies, Religious ceremonies, Farewell ceremonies and funerals, Elopement

  • Person DOUGUET Ariane
  • Address

    I'm based in Paris (75) and in South Eastern France Provence (Vaucluse Lubéron Alpilles, 84) near the french riviera.

    I specialise in destination wedding in France and abroad. I travel throughout France and internationally according to your requests (Monaco, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Geneva, Lausanne, Brussels, Marrakech, Bali, Santorini…).

  • Caroline & Mikael – domaine de Sarson (august 2019)

    Rating: 5 / 5

    My dearest Ariane, where to begin?... Everything starts with this obvious meeting as the evidence of our encounter with Michael. A true almost cosmic immediate connection and understanding. A nice relationship has developed over the months, exchanges, sharing, advices, to lead us to a ceremony that I could not have dreamed more beautiful, meaningful and moving. A moment of grace that belongs to us forever. This moment will remain forever engraved in the heart of our loved ones. Ariane is a voice, an oratorical talent: we chose her for these skills, and which doesn't spoil anything, she’s a magnificent charismatic woman and above all a singular person who will always leave her indelebile mark on you. “In love we want a masterpiece, our ceremony was one beyond our expectations" A big thank you beautiful Ariane.

  • Ashveena & Hugo – Mauritius (december 2018)

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Hugo and I are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Ariane and have her officiate our wedding ceremony in Mauritius. Ariane has been professional and provided quality customer service. Ariane managed to create a beautiful and unforgettable ceremony in less than 2 months despite the fact that we were very little available due to our previous commitments. She managed to capture our emotions and feelings through her voice and touching words. She has an amazing voice that reaches your soul. I had goosebumps on hearing her voice. We had very positive feedback from our guests who were mesmerized with her voice. Thank you very much once again for being part of our wedding and your input has been forever engraved in our hearts.

  • Natalie & Kevin – la divine comédie Avignon (June 2019)

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Not only does Ariane have a rare and amazing talent, but from beginning to end she was : attentive, professional, responsive, kind, and listened to us. She guided us through the entire ceremony process. She was extremely professional in this. She made our day everything that we dreamed and more. It was a magical, unforgettable moment we will all remember. Please do not hesitate in your choice with her. I could never thank her enough !

  • Marie Anais & Mitchel – july 2019

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear Ariane, Thank you so much for all your help during the months leading up to our wedding. You created a ceremony that captured our relationship perfectly. Your kindness, dynamism, positivity, and excellent advice made working with you an absolute pleasure. Our families were taken aback by your voice, your charisma, and your elegance, and your interpretation of "Con te Partiro" will forever remain in our memories... We recommend your services to anyone who wishes to make their big day unforgettable, alongside an exceptional officiant singer Love, Mitchel & Marie

  • Teresa Becker

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Ariane has made our wedding ceremony unique, exceptional and very emotional. Her voice and her passion are truly extraordinary . Ariane has helped us from the beginning to prepare the ceremony and select touching and classic songs. All our guests were amazed and moved by her outstanding performance. Not only is her voice exceptional but also her lovely and caring personality. Without her our wedding would not have been the same!

  • Green Melanie & Mickael – Gordes July 2017

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I just want to say thanks again for being the celebrant at our wedding. Melanie and I couldn't have been happier with how the day went. It was definitely a special day and the addition of your amazing singing at the ceremony made it unique. I would highly recommend you to anyone that is getting married! Thanks again.

  • ROBERTSSON Naianna & James – 6 septembre 2018 – château la Loubière

    Rating: 5 / 5

    dear Ariane, I wanted to thank you again for celebrating with us & for giving us such a fantastic ceremony that we will forever remember. Your work & your voice are incredible & I'm so glad that we chose you! I wish you all the best in the future. Lots of love Naianna

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