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Every perfect wedding I think of is different, just as every wedding couple is different

As a wedding celebrant, it is this uniqueness that allows me to envelop the wedding celebration in the image of the natural harmony of the couple

A harmony wich embellishes the ceremony with its own vibrant life, spirit and mood

  • Price 900€
  • year of creation 2015

The course of life

Specialist of English weddings in France
I am inviting you to discover the gentleness of my world My creativity stems from the emotions of the events that I am lucky to celebrate and decorate with flowers

As a passionate professional, I put my know-how to the service of your emotions. I am keen on weddings and England, organized and meticulous, creative as well as a dreamer. The gentleness of my style comes alive through my creativity and a dash of madness!

Whether it takes place in the family garden, under a centennial tree or on the shores of a lake, your secular ceremony will be like no other.
It will bear witness to your commitment and your love before your family and friends. Let’s take the time to get to know each other, tell me your story… I am at your disposal for a first meeting where I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Together, we will create a ceremony that resembles you, one that will open a new chapter in your story: the celebration of your wedding.

I will write an intense ceremony for you, full of gentleness and emotions. I will put soul into the most beautiful day of your lives.

I will also support you during the preparation of this ceremony. Always in a spirit of gentleness, romance, and a little sparkling touch!


It really doesn't matter if the wedding is celebrated outdoors, in the shade of an old oak tree, or within a stately château, whose Walls still echo with the laughter of célébrations long ago.

What matters most is that the place where the wedding is held resembles the style and mood of the wedding.

Winter weddings celebrated next to a crackling fireplace are cosy and intimate, and springtime weddings bathed in cherry blossoms blowing freely in the wind are fresh and inspiring.

What matters most is that the wedding is entirely natural, an experience that will last a lifetime of memories. It is these things wich bring this naturalness to the forefront: the flowers and décorations, the place of the celebration and the ceremony itself, written for the couple and spoken from the heart.

Experience and training

- Literary 12th-grade degree with an English specialization, 2004
- Graduation from the École des Fleuristes of Paris, 2005
- Apprenticeship with Emily Alarcon, 2017-2018-2019
- Challenger Wedd’Challenge, 2018-2019
- Teacher at the Wedding Academy since 2018
- More then 20 weddings celebrated


French, English

Assistance in the preparation of the ceremony


Writing texts


Proposition of readings and music


Additional Services


Key points


Proposed services

Celebration and writing texts, Ceremonial arrangement, Ceremonial decoration, Ceremonial coordination, Floral decoration

Materials included in the service

Lectern, Sound Reinforcement, Other

Pricing method


Types of ceremonies

Homosexual ceremonies

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min 9 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min 9 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min 9 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min 9 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min 9 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min 12 h 00 min -

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