A secular and non-denominational wedding ceremony for your marriage? The concept is pretty: prepare your ceremony to live emotions’ moments, without rules or hindrances to your love. A testimony of trust for your guests, a moral commitment, a real and sincere attention to your partner. It is the better way if you want to customize traditional wording to fit your style!

A celebrant for your secular ceremony in the United Kingdom

A secular wedding officiant animates your wedding ceremony. But you have to know that he writes the texts that will be read, he animates the differents steps of the marriage and guarantees their good sequence, it provokes the emotions, tears of joy and smiles, to make you live dream moments!

The secular celebrant, as a true master of ceremonies, ensures his or her performance from beginning to end: presentation, animation, emotions, smiles, he makes you live a unique moment! He can help you write the texts, especially your vows… During the wedding ceremony, he initiates the engagement of the bride and groom and presides over the exchange of the rings.

The officiant is usually assisted by the organizer, usually a wedding planner, to ensure the synchronization of the participants and maintain a dynamic rhythm. Even if they are not priests or rabbis, some officiants can officiate marriages with religious connotations.

Therefore, its role is central! The solemnity of the moments and the general atmosphere of the event are thus ensured in accordance with the wishes of the bride and groom. In addition, most officiants agree to celebrate ceremonies for gay & lesbian couples, gorgeous moments filled with emotion in addition to marriage at the town hall!

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