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For the secular ceremony

Since the mid-2000s, when they appeared in France, the secular ceremonies has been an undeniable success!

Many couples have adopted this seductive concept, but they have no idea how it is going, nor professionals to commit to it. Now, the heart of the secular ceremony remains the officiant!

This role has become a profession for some, and the quality of the officiant largely contributes to the success of the marriage ceremony: oratorical abilities, writing talent, human relations, charm, need to frame and organize, A good officiant must gather many qualities.

Also, it is complicated to find the right person, near the place of his wedding, and offering good value for money.

We have created so that the bride and groom can above all find the officiant that corresponds to their expectations, but also to find ideas and information on wedding ceremonies.

That’s why this site exists!

A vision…

The marriage sector is now dominated by a large number of actors, often independent, who flood the market with products and services as diverse as there are companies!

We are convinced that the Internet must make it possible for serious and competent professionals to take a prominent place, especially those who offer the future bride and groom a human and convivial buying experience, with the seriousness, competence and Of customer satisfaction.

Many actions are gradually developing to promote companies that are committed to this!

A service for engaged-couples

In 2016, was visited by more than 90,000 couples from France and elsewhere, looking for an official but also information on secular ceremonies. Every day, these couples find a lot of useful information: more than a directory, tries to answer concretely the questions that arise the bride and groom.

Our wish? Let the 90,000 couples live their dreams serenely … a little thanks to us!

Quality service for professionals

Each official card is manually validated, and site referencing is regularly optimized. We offer support and advice to write presentations that are beneficial to the officiants. Officials are contacted directly.

To help couples, and inspire them when planning their wedding, we propose a blog with articles on officiants and how to plan a wedding ceremony.

We hope you will enjoy your presence on this site!