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Farewell ceremonies: Celebrant for secular funeral and burial ceremonies

We frequently talk about secular wedding ceremonies or naming ceremonies, happy and enjoyable events! We hear less about secular ceremonies for funerals, named “farewell ceremonies”.

Certainly, the context of these events is unfortunate, and if they could be avoided, we would! But this is not the case, and everyone will have experienced, at least once in their lives, a funeral. And just like weddings, many people do not want a religious funeral.

Some celebrant or officiant of secular wedding ceremonies can celebrate farewell ceremonies, as part of a funeral, cremation: find on this site the officiant to celebrate the funeral of your loved ones.

A noter !

L'activité de "maître de cérémonies funéraires" est réglementée. Vérifiez, au préalable, le certificat d'aptitude de l'officiant que vous aurez choisi...

For a funeral, who chooses the type of ceremony?

Everyone can decide on their funeral while they are alive. Simply communicate your wishes to, at least, one person you trust: your loved ones, family or friends.

A secular ceremony for the funeral?

Of course! It is even an intimate and personal ceremony, which allows you to say a “goodbye” to a loved one, in accordance with his or her wishes, and in the image of what he or she was, with as much emotion as a religious ceremony. The approach is meant to be personalized!

How does a funeral ceremony unfold?

In fact, just like secular wedding ceremonies, nothing is imposed, the farewell ceremony leaves the content free to choose! The different stages allow the deceased to be accompanied to his or her final resting place, and help the family to overcome this ordeal.

Each moment of the ceremony focuses on the memory of the deceased, his life, his work, his memory. Readings of texts, poems, listening to favorite music, speaking by loved ones, rituals of remembrance are all ways to pay tribute to the deceased. The officiant plays an important role because he or she will set the pace for the ceremony, alternating readings, speeches and moments of contemplation.

Funeral master of ceremonies role

The master of ceremonies ensures the quality of the tribute rendered. He or she ensures that the funeral ceremony runs smoothly. He or she is the main facilitator.

The role of the master of ceremonies is to ensure the quality of the tribute.

His role is to control the actions and the actors: he supervises the team of pallbearers and remains the privileged interlocutor of the families. Rigor, organization and psychology are essential to the exercise of this profession.

  • He takes over from the funeral consultant and ensures the smooth running of the funeral from the ceremony to the burial.
  • He accompanies and directs the funeral convoy. He is responsible for the team of funeral agents present.
  • He sees to the proper conduct of the ceremony
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What officiant to choose to say farewell

You can choose someone close to you who knew the deceased, but be careful not to become overwhelmed with emotion. This type of ceremony can be very hard to conduct, and it is best to leave it to a professional officiant. Most funeral directors or crematoriums offer this service. However, the service can be performed by a simple employee who has a template that can be applied to all funerals. The result may be disappointing, and not what you expected.

Find all farewell ceremony, funeral and burial officiants by clicking here

Secular funeral ceremony professionals have developed. Either they have specialized in this field, or they are wedding ceremony officiants, who have expanded their fields of expertise to the funeral industry.

Note that the officiant must hold the state diploma of Funeral Master of Ceremonies for the celebration of funerals, which is a public service mission supervised by the state.

Whatever the content of the events, ask for references and be demanding of the professional you seek…

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