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Officiants de cérémonie : Allier

Find the right secular ceremony officiant near you, in the department of Allier (03), in Auvergne (Moulins, Montluçon, Vichy, …)

The department of Allier is perfect to host your wedding ceremony: rivers, bocages and small mountains are beautiful landscapes to give a soul to your ceremony. The Bourbonnais bocage, the Bourbonnais mountain or the Tronçais forest are all suitable places! The preserved nature of the Auvergne is also home to many castles, Romanesque churches and beautiful residences.

Among the Auvergne heritage, we can mention the castle of La Palice, the castle of Bourbon-l’Archambault, the Grand Casino of Vichy, the Jacquemart belfry of Moulins, the Saint-Vincent de Chantelle abbey, the castle of Chareil-Cintrat or the historical road of the Auvergne castles! Enjoy villages like Charroux, Hérisson or Souvigny. Finally, use the parks and gardens like the arboretum of Balaine, the park of Sources and the parks of Allier of Vichy…

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