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Limit of liability

Thank you for visiting The information on this site is intended to be general.

The present site puts at the disposal of the private individuals a list of professionals who paid a subscription to appear on this directory, without verification of competence. The site thus puts in direct relation individuals with professionals.

In no case, nor its editor the agency E-Komm, will be responsible for the actions of the professional or the customer, the unpaid, the pricing, the material, physical or psychological damage that this setting in relation will have generated:

  • The individual who wishes to contact a professional of this directory will have to take all the precautions of use necessary and clarify the tariffs before any order.
  • The professional must also take all the usual precautions.

The inclusion on this site of locations, facilities, services, products, companies and individuals therefore does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. Visitors should verify the necessary information and make their own independent inquiries before making any decisions that have, or may have, legal or financial consequences.